Company Structure

Sumitomo Corporation (Incorporated in Japan)

Yew Lian Property and Investments Pte. Ltd. (Incorporated in Singapore)

Amanahraya Trustee Berhad-Amanah Saham Bumputera


Board of Directors

Mr. Goh Geok Khim Chairman
Mr. Goh Geok Chuan Company Director
Mr. Goh Geok Loo Company Director
Mr. Kong Foot Chee Director
Mr. Mohd Ridza Bin Yahya Company Director
Mr. Hideji Uenishi Company Director
Mr. Keijiro Yamamoto Managing Director
Mr. Tsunenaga Ohnishi Company Director
Ms. Goh Geok Ling Alternate Director To Goh Geok Khim
Mr. Kentaro Uchikawa Alternate Director to Hideji Uenishi
Mr. Lim Geok Siew Alternate Director to Goh Geok Chuan

Management Team

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Associated companies


Southern Steel Sheet Co., Ltd., Vietnam

Steel Coil Galvanizing & Prepainting.

Nippovina Co., Ltd., Vietnam

Rollforming steel roofing sheet, purlin, shutter door and installation contractor