Company Vision

After a decade in the doldrums, FIW is re-emerging. As a pioneer in the steel industry in South East Asia with half a century of good track records, FIW is moving forward to the next decade with renewed image and performance.

Quality assurance is the fundamentals for the manufacturing company. Every effort of the management and employees of FIW is geared towards assuring the best quality for its products by conforming to the Japanese Standard with genuine Japanese technologies and skills led by a Japanese expert with 40 years experience devoting and recreating Japanese GI production technologies of today.

Human resources are the most valuable and irreplaceable assets.

Nothing is more valuable than the company employees.

Customers are first to be served always. Without satisfying customers, profit never comes. Profit never overrides customers' satisfaction.

Compliance and safety definitely precedent over company profit.

In combination of all these philosophies, FIW is to seek for the seat of No.1 GI mill in South East Asian countries.

FIW Steel is the first steel related manufacturer in Malaysia, established almost 50 years ago. In the long history of the company, FIW developed most of the galvanizing technologies and products as a pioneer and introduced all of them to the market on development. The history of FIW is the history of galvanizing in Malaysia. Creation has been the job of this company for nearly half a century.

Towards the new decade, FIW continues to be a pioneer with frontier spirit.