Advantages of GalMaxx® alpha
  • Excellent formability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in deformed state
  • Excellent corrosion resistance under acidic and alkaline conditions
  • Excellent cut edge corrosion resistance
  • 2X durability

Standard Compliance & Quality Assurance
GalMaxx® alpha conforms to JIS G 3317, AS 1397 or other equivalent standard
Warranty against perforation for 50 years subject to applicable terms and conditions
Standard Compliance & Quality Assurance
GalMaxx® alpha can be widely used for
  • Structural (floor decking, purlin, truss & batten)
  • Architectural (roofing and siding, window & door frame, garage, fencing, ducting & furniture)
  • Agricultural (siding and roofing, animal cage, truss & batten)
  • Electrical & Electronic Appliances
  • Metal Stamping
  • Automotive (windshield wiper arms, headlamp holders, small motor housings)
  • Highway (noise barrier, fencing, guardrails, sign boards)
  • Utility (cable conduit and pipe)
  • Advertisement (billboard, sign board)
  • Many other applications
Material Specification
  • GalMaxx® alpha is available in wide range of base metal thickness from 0.13mm up to 1.55mm and width from 600mm up to 1250mm as specified by user.
  • GalMaxx® alpha coating mass is available from Y06 (60g/m²) to Y45 (450g/m²)
  • Product grades : SZACC, SZAC440 and SZACH. Other grades are also available, depending on applications.
  • Surface Treatment : Anti-Finger Print Resin (Chromium or Chromium-Free)
    (Specification other than those listed above are available subject to negotiation.)