What GalMaxx® alpha Can Offer?
Superior Formability

GalMaxx® alpha is able to be drawn in several directions simultaneously without cracking the coating. Excellent formability of GalMaxx® alpha is corresponding to the uniform surface, minimizing the point of cracking. In contrast, high Magnesium alloy steel, galvalume and regular galvanized steel showed different performances by having big cracks due to the spangle pattern.
Coating Microscopic View: Other Coatings Microscopic View:
An examination of surface at the bent parts and the condition of cracking of coating layer in the cross section in a 2T-180° bending test has revealed that GalMaxx® alpha is free from any microcracking.
Cross Sectional View of GalMaxx® alpha at 2T Bend Test
without microcrack
  Cross Sectional View of High Mg Alloy Steel at 2T
Bend Test with microcrack
Cross Sectional View of Galvalume at 2T Bend Test
with microcrack
  Cross Sectional View of Regular Galvanized Steel at 2T
Bend Test with microcrack
Excellent Corrosion Resistance (Observation on Red Rust)
GalMaxx® alpha has excellent corrosion resistance, including flat panel and deformed portion (T-bend).
GalMaxx® alpha (Flat Panel) at 3000 Hours
(Tested on Untreated Flat Panels)
  Galvalume (Flat Panel) at 3000 Hours   Regular Galvanized Steel (Flat Panel) at
3000 hours
The biggest advantage of GalMaxx® alpha over the other coatings is the superior corrosion resistance in the deformed state.
The increased formability retains its superiority at bent portion subjected to 180° bending and improved corrosion resistance after deformation.
2T-bending Test:   No Red Rust:   Red Rust:   Red Rust:
    GalMaxx® alpha (2T- bend) at 2500 Hours   Regular Galvanized Steel
(2T- bend) at 2500 Hours
  Galvalume (2T- bend)
at 2500 Hours
Excellent Cut Edge Resistance
Cut edge resistance means that if the coating is cut, accidentally scratched or abraded away so as to expose the steel, the surrounding zinc then acts as a sacrificial anode and ‘heals the wound’ by corroding instead of the steel, thus delaying the rusting of the steel sheet.
GalMaxx® alpha at 2000 Hours   High Mg Alloy Steel at 2000 Hours   Regular Galvanized Steel at
2000 hours
  Galvalume at 2000 hours
GalMaxx® alpha exhibits excellent cut edge corrosion resistance similar to high Magnesium alloy steel and is much better than regular galvanized steel and galvalume. It offers more cathodic protection than galvalume due to high Zinc composition and trace amount of Magnesium.
Excellent Acid and Alkaline Corrosion Resistance
Under alkaline condition, GalMaxx® alpha has superior performance similar to High Mg alloy steel.

GalMaxx® alpha coating corrodes at a substantially lower rate than other coatings including regular galvanized steel and galvalume, supporting longer coating lives due to presence of trace amount of Magnesium added into the Al-Zn eutectic alloy. That will slow down the corrosion at a consistent pace.

Under acidic condition, GalMaxx® alpha has an equivalent performance to high Magnesium alloy coated steel and clearly performs better than regular galvanized steel.

  GalMaxx® alpha High Mg Alloy Steel
  Regular Galvanized Steel Regular Galvanized Steel
2X Durability
GalMaxx® alpha ensures 2X durability as compared to regular galvanized steel in terms of coating weight reduction per year.
GalMaxx® alpha Regular Galvanized Steel
Coating Mass Durability (Yrs) Coating Mass Durability (Yrs)
Y18 14.78 Z18 7.36
Y27 22.61 Z27 11.30
under normal environment