Chromium-free Passivated Hot Dip
Galvanised Steel Coil/Sheet

Special Features and Advantages
  No.   Test   GalMaxx® Eco
  1.   Fingerprint Resistance   Excellent
  2.   Corrosion Resistance ASTM B 117   82 hrs - 0% white rust
  3.   Formability (72 hrs)   Improved Formability, 0T with ericshen 6mm
  4.   Soil Repellant   Yes
  5.   Stack test, humidity 98%, 49°C, 800 hrs, pressure 1kgs   0% white rust
  6.   Conductivity Loresta MP-T360, BSP Probe, 16 points   Less than 1m?
  7.   Paintability, powder paint, cross hatch (10x10), 5J reverse impact, 6mm Erichsen on cross hatch   Class 0 ISO 2409 (No crack and no peel off)
  8.   Additional advantages   Environmental friendly
  9.   RoHS Compliance   Certified by SIRIM