Chromium-free Passivated Hot Dip
Galvanised Steel Coil/Sheet


Developed specially fir electrical & electronic (E&E) and automotive industries

General Description

Galmaxx® Eco Hot Dip Galvanised Steel is coated with Chrome-Free Passivation complaint to stringent environmental guidelines and minimized spangle finish.
Typical Usage
Electrical & Electronic, Automotive and other sectors where compliance to stringent environmental guidelines is necessary.
Thickness Available: 0.19mm to 1.55mm
  Classified Symbol   Nominal Thickness (mm)   Application
  SGCC (Soft)   0.19 ? 1.55   Commercial Quality
  SGC440 (Semi Hard)   0.23 ? 1.55   Structural Quality
  SGCH (Hard)   0.19 ? 1.55   Commercial Quality, Hard Class
Vision thru innovation
A visionary and research idea that transcends new boundaries.
The results: An innovative product with unlimited potentials.
Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties
Steel Base
Guaranteed Typical Guaranteed Typical Guaranteed Typical
Longitudinal Tensile
Yield Strength, Mpa
550 min 600-750 440 min 440-550 270 min 340-400
Tensile Strength, Mpa 550 min 600-750 335 min 380-550 205 min 320-400
Elongation % - 2-7 - 11-20 - 24-29
* Above are typical mechanical properties. They are intended solely to provide purchaser with as much information as possible to make an informed decision on the steel grade to be specified.
Standard Coating Mass   Unit: mm
  Normal Thickness   Symbol Indicating Weight of Zinc Coating   Equivalent Coating Thickness
  0.19 to 0.45   Z13   0.026
  0.48 to 0.60   Z18   0.034
  0.70 to 1.55   Z22   0.043
* Other coating mass are available upon request.