Mechanical Properties

  Guaranteed Typical
Longitudinal Tensile    
Yield Strength, Mpa 550 min 600-750
Tensile Strength, Mpa 550 min 600-750
Elongation (%) - 7-2

Dimensions (for Normal Product Supply)

  Element   Guaranteed(%)   Typical(%)
  Carbon (C)   0.15 Max   0.03-0.06
  Manganese (Mn)   0.60 Max   0.12-0.34
  Phosphorus (P)   0.10 Max   0.009-0.019
  Sulphur (S)   0.05 Max   0.003-0.014
  Standard Coating Mass :   Z12, Z18, Z20, Z27
  Surface Finish :   Minimized Spangle
  Surface Treatment :   Clear / Oak / Sky resin coated
  Oiling :   Not oiled, dry

*The dimensional tolerance for thickness, width, flatness and camber are in accordance with the requirement of Japanese Industrial Standard JIS G 3302.
*Other coating mass are available upon request.

l Brown and blue colour tinting is for material idenfication purpose only, no colour warranty will be provided.
l All items featured may differ from the actual product’s colour.
l To avoid storage related corrosion, it is advisable not to leave the fabricated product in the open for prolonged period of time.
It is also recommended that the product be used within 6 months.